Tariff Schedule




Interest Rates:

Housing loans Starts from 8.80%* onwards
Loan Against Housing Property Starts from 10.80%* onwards
Commercial Loans Starts from 14.95%* onwards



Sr.No. Loan Product Loan Type Processing Fees Administrative Fees*
  1. Purchase Property From Builder
  2. Purchase In Co-Operative Society
  3. Purchase on Second Sale
  4. Construction Loan
  5. Repair & Renovations Loans
  6. Takeover of existing Housing loans from other HFCs
Home Loans Rs. 2,500/- + Applicable GST Rs.5,000/- to Rs.12,000/- depends on our Branch Locations + Applicable GST
2 Loan against Property Mortgage Loans Applicable as a percentage of loan amount + GST Applicable as a percentage of loan amount + GST
Conversion Fees for Switch to a Lower Interest Rate
3 Salaried Home Loans Rs.4500/- + Applicable GST Nil
4 Self Employed Home Loans Rs.5000/- + Applicable GST Nil
5 Salaried/ Self Employed
  1. Repair/ Extension Loans
  2. Mortgage Loans
0.5% of outstanding principal balance + Applicable GST or subject to maximum of Rs.10000/- + GST Nil

*subject to change from time to time. For latest Fees structure please refer our website www.gichfindia.com.



Sr.No. Loan Product Type of Loan Prepayment Charges
1 Part Pre-Payment of any loan. Fixed or Floating. NIL.
  1. Purchase Property From Builder.
  2. Purchase In Co-Operative Society.
  3. Purchase on Second Sale.
  4. Construction Loan.
  5. Repair & Renovations Loans.
Housing Loan in Floating Rate basis i.e. on BLR and loan Foreclosed through any source. NIL.
Housing loan in Fixed Rate basis or with in any fixed loan tenure and repayment through own Sources. NIL.
Housing loan in Fixed Rate basis or with in any fixed loan tenure and amount being prepaid through refinance/borrowing from other Bank or HFC. 2% on outstanding loan amount**.
3 Mortgage Loans. Fixed or Floating. NIL.
4 Commercial Loan. Fixed or Floating. 2% on outstanding loan amount**.

**As per NHB guidelines, in its circular “Levy of foreclosure charges/ pre-payment penalty on Floating Rate Loans”, released in 2014



Sr.No. Particulars Charges
1 Application Form. NIL.
2 CERSAI Registry / Modification Charges. Rs. 50 + Applicable GST for loans upto Rs. 5 Lakh*
Rs. 100 + Applicable GST for loans above Rs. 5 Lakh*.
3 Processing of Collateral Security for interim payment e.g. Life Insurance Policy, NSC, Bank Fixed deposit etc. Rs. 200/- + applicable GST per document.
4 Statement of account/ provisional IT certificates. 1st: No charges
Subsequent: Rs. 200 + Applicable GST.
5 Copies of Loan or Security documents. Rs.3/- per page.
6 Foreclosure statement. Rs. 500 + Applicable GST.
7 Custody /Handling Charges for Security Documents. Rs. 1200 + Applicable GST.
8 Loan Clearance Certificate. NIL.
9 Overdue Charges on default installment (EMI/ PRE-EMI) 15% Per month on the outstanding dues.
10 Cheque/ECS bounce charges. Rs. 400/- + Applicable GST.
11 Stamp duty/ Franking charges. As per applicable law/charges of the relevant property state.

(*) the contents of the above are subject to change from time to time and the levy of the same shall be at such rates as may be applicable as on the date of such charge


RECOVERY CHARGES (Without internvention of Court):

Sr.No. Default installment Charges (Inclusive of Taxes)
1 Default 1-2 months. Rs. 200/- per installment.
2 Default 3-12 months. 4% of total dues including penal interest.
3 Default 13-36 months. 5% of total dues including penal interest.
4 Default 37-72 months. 7% of total dues including penal interest.
5 Default 73-108 months. 10% of total dues including penal interest.
6 Default Above 108 months. 10% of total dues including penal interest.
7 Visit charges at Borrower/s Residence employer. Rs.300/- Per visit.

Recovery charges under the securitisation and reconstruction of financial assets and enforcement of security interest act , 2002 : At actual.